Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Henry & John's Christmas Tour 2010

So last week me and my good gingery friend John Holt Robets played a epic 3 open mics in one night round our fair city of York.  We kicked off at Bar Lane Cafe for 6 Lips' X-Mas party.  I did some of my more 'serious' poems seeing as I'd done a lot of Can't Sing, Can't Dance, Don't Care comedy nights with jokier poems.  I seemed to go down OK for a group who had never heard my stuff before.

Next onto The Habit, where after a poor cover of Street Dogs' Unions & The Law I did some stuff to a bemused crowd, and maybe I didn't quite crack them.  Another poem to end with might have worked...need to pen something new for pub crowd.

Finally Golden Fleece were happy to have us, and I loved the basic set-up...i.e. none.  Just talking in a pub, back-to-basics story-telling in the same style as Ian McMillan (  Went down well I think, because you couldn't ignore me like a song so the situation being bemusing working in my favour.

On Friday we did our good old comedy group (Can't Sing, Can't Dance, Don't Care: and I got to compare the night.  Hosted nights before but this was a little differant, almost ran out of material and had to keep writing stuff during acts but hopefully I went down OK and kpe energy for the night.

Open Mic tomorrow at Pulse with 6 Lips Theatre Company, gonna see what the mood is, probably a couple of 'serious' ones with a daft one here and there for the crack.

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