Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Raising The Game

Put away your white flags, you won’t be needing them anymore
tonight we’re seeding dreams and reaping what we sow
Yesterday was important Because yesterday is gone and done
We learned our lessons & we’re coming back top of the class
Gentlemen, we can rebuild ourselves learning from the past
Find your weapon, find your target and then take your aim
It’s time we got down to business and began to Raise The Game
Put a post-it note on your fridge that reads:  “Don’t forget to kick it over”
Send yourself a text message saying:  “Just because I fight doesn’t mean I’m a soldier”
Make yourself a promise, right now, that if you notice yourself getting colder the older as you grow
You’ll defrost yourself with very little cost by returning to what you truly know
That this world isn’t nearly colourful enough, that this world is minutes from decay
That this world isn’t nearly bold enough, and this what we all stand up and say:
We’re raising the game

Barricades can be built quickly
But ideas don’t always get erected so swiftly
Fears are born from lives trapped in concrete
Regrets often pass far too freely
Sunsets don’t always mean it’s the end of the day
All bets are off in a crisis
What’ll they do when ten tonnes of human soul comes crashing down
We bite the hand that feeds us because we’re sick of the same old gruel
Armouries are stacked with poems and songs, we're ambassadors of the New
We’re Raising The Game

Grab that magic potion, grab your spinach, grab your black flags and grab your red
Grab your paint pots, grab your stencils, grab your pens and grab your paper pads
Grab your guitars and harmonicas and get your plectrums at the ready
With a poem and a song we’ll hold this course steady
Grab your friends, grab your family, grab yourself, just don’t turn up empty-handed
Bring your mind, bring your soul, bring your passion and your-get-up-and-go
Grab your banners and placards but what’s more remember we’re not fighting a battle
We’re winning a war

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