Friday, 21 January 2011

I won't be Letting Paris Fool Me

Performed last night thanks to Craig o'er at Shattered Glass Media ( with Ben Marwood and Oxygen Thief on tour with James from Just Another Warning.  Headliners were acoustic punkers Don't Let Paris Fool You with their barrage of acoustic guitars in Against Me! styles.  I did two sets, one of 'serious' stuff and another of 'silly' stuff.  I think the second set of more comdy-orientated stuff went down much better (Vandal Raptor, Equis Deus and Cartoons Are Taking Over) thanks to the audience seeing where I was coming from after the first performance.  Oxygen Thief said he enjoyed my stuff, and his demo CD and split with Ben Marwood are pretty decent.

But there are plans afoot for the long-waited scheme of my one-man theatre-based show in the same vein as PolarBear's Return.  Titled Letter To The Man (From The Boy) hopefully it'll be a performative, interactive piece which incorpeates my poems into a stand of childhood and just generally being fun.  It'll be performed (all being well) in March at York's TakeOver Festival (  Watch this space for updates!

Currently writing a new poem about being visited by 3 spirits in the middle of the night...This Ain't A Scene It's A Goddamn Warzone