Saturday, 12 March 2011

2.5 Days Later

So we had our 3rd day of rehearsal and to be quite frank I'm feeling like a pinch of butter being spread all over Australia.

We worked on the in-between exercises today, and they seemed to go down with our 'test' audience of TakeOverians.  Need to fine tune the questions a little bit, get a\n idea of time and, above all, make the whole thing seem worth doing!

" this pillar has to go!"

Sticks & Stones poetry night this Monday in Leeds, probably should plug the show I suppose but the ace Inua Ellams is also headlining:!/event.php?eid=156641874394491

Me and some other poets in York plan to start up a night of spoken word stuff, more info to keep, keep your eyes peeled!  Or more accurately keep your fingers tapping on my links, like speedy pistons of keyboard adoration.

Stay free!


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