Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tiny Touring

It’s been a while since I blogged, but there’s plenty been going on!

I’ve been on something of a mini-tour, with SLAMalgamate in Newcastle, Outspoken Slam at Manchester’s Contact and Forget What You heard About Spoken Word in London.  I’ve also done a handful of York dates, an event for One Billion Rising and a local acoustic gig alongside Robin from Random Hand at the Black Swan.

Though I didn’t win either slams, it just goes to show the wealth of talent in the spoken word network, with artists in both Newcastle and Manchester proving their skills at dynamic performance.  Hat’s off to Zach Roddis with his fantastic celebration of LGBT rights activists.  I also got to see Dominic Berry and Dean Atta, two great professional poets.

Every so often, I am reminded I must raise my game.  This night at London proved just that, a wealth of talents at the open mic hosted by Steph Dogfoot and Matt Cummins.


But the event in York organised by VENT rally excited me.  In the small basement of Sontanos, I saw something I’ve been searching for a long time in York, energetic performance poetry delivered to an audience eager for energetic performance poetry.  It really makes me think we can build a strong scene of performance poetry in York.  My DIY sense is tingling.

So, coming up I’m just doing more writing, more little gigs and planning for the summer.  I’m looking for any chance to perform, so let me know if there are any slots of festival opportunities coming up.  We filmed the set at the Black Swan, with special collaboration with Travels By Telephone, so watch out for that soon!

Finally, here’s a poem I’ve submitted to Fit To Work:  Poets Against ATOS

I see my Grandson look drained and hard
Dragging weighted school books like worlds.
I ask him about lessons, he wearily replies
“We have been learning about modern history.”
I see shame in my Grandson's eyes
Despite him being registered blind
And I wish I had seen back then
Weary anger rising.

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