Thursday, 29 August 2013

Poems for: The Wynn, the Railway Child, the Larking Skies and Mr Big Bad Boss Caine

Last week I compared Boss Caine’s hometown gig at the Basement (review here), a great showcase of local talent as well as invited guests.  Instead of doing my own pre-written poems, I did a trick I’ve not done for a while and wrote a poem inspired by the set of each act.  This is inspired musically, lyrically and stylistically, with help from their banter and attitude.  I might collect these in a zine someday.

Inspired by Mark Wynn
I just can’t picture me growing up
I’m going to keep falling in and out of love
All these ladies need songs
All these rights end up wrongs
There’s this thing I do
Puts them off, and really so it should
I’m a talker
Quarter jerker-offer
Shit gets shovelled like coals
Fuel for the chatter
Baby, I’m a talker and a lover
And on Saturday nights, my throat does the fighting

Inspired by Joe Tilston
Tonight I’ve been thinking easy thoughts
Easy excuses and easy reasons
Not thinking clearly
Thinking easily
Living in history
But my intention is a singer
My intention is a dancer
My intention hops on trains
Discovers new destinations
Disembarks at unfamiliar stations
My intention has name
And will keep it in the new daylight
Tonight, I’ve been thinking a lot.

Inspired by Skylark Song
Finding thorns in pies and paws
Food is sharper, my claws are clipped
Struggling in streets, obviously alone
Relenting under spiky stars and a sea-storm coloured sky
“Spend your time preparing for mercy
Spend your tonight repenting”, they advised
“Devils & women” I replied.
“Devils & women”.

Inspired by Boss Caine
These nights bite like rats
Each toothmark is a scarred story
That aches in the mornings.
And I am so thankful
These pains are kindly
Like the bruises from bumping out of bed
Whisky-soaked and smiling.
Couldn’t live without those bruises
And if you find that funny, let me show you
A good lovin’ time
Because living is serious business
Like navigating storms
Like rationing failing drugs
Like staying the fool
Inside a 4-wall world.
I want a world that fits within my backyard
For smokes, mates and sunshine
I’ve got toothmarks and bruises

And you.