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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

13's unlucky for some: Theatre, festivals & friends of 2013

Here’s my round-up of 2014.  It’s not so much a nutshell as more a whole bucket of roasted chestnuts, so I split it up with my blog about 2013’s Youth Theatre here and a blog about 2013's music here

This year I performed for the first time ever in Kingston, Newcastle, Scarborough, Bradford, Durham, Bridlington, Eastleigh & Derby.  I performed at Hidden Hills, IYAF, Venturer Camp, Rebellion, Beacons, Galtres and Release The Hounds Festivals.  I did a load of slots at Edinburgh Fringe and worked led workshops for a load of ace young people a load of ace events.  I devised two brand new shows, One Love with Ben Winterton & Jonny Gill, and Practise Patience with Travels By Telephone and held the first Words & Whippets spoken word event at York Theatre Royal.  I toured rural Norfolk writing poems for people in pubs.  I put on a wicked gig at El Piano for my 25th birthday.  I went veggie, I bought the new Asterix book, played the new Pokemon game and shouted at Vince Cable.

For more details on my summer, check out my blogpost here

Here’s my top theatre shows of 2013:  After so many people recommended his work to me, I finally got to see Beats by Kieran Hurley (Sheffield Crucible). His ability to craft the show and characters with such simple gestures, dialogue and sound left me glued for the full hour show.  I think there’s a real tangible difference between drama school acting-methods and engaging solo story-telling.  Much the same for solo show Stand-By For Tape Back-Up (Forest Fringe, EdFringe) by Ross Sutherland.  I finally saw the full show, and I found myself mouthing along to his piece based on an early preview he made.  Synchronicity.   Another EdFringe fav was Rob Auton’s The Sky Show (Banshee Labyrinth, Free Fringe, EdFringe).  Rob balances his surreal charm and stand-up oddness with moments of true beauty and strength.  I’ve programmed it into Words & Whippets 2 in May!  Book yer tickets! Next up, God’s Property (Soho Theatre, The South), simply a stand-out piece of This Is England-esque realism.  Just nicely put together, well acted and I guess I have to have a token London show here.  And finally 1984 (Headlong, West Yorkshire Playhouse) had a profound effect in reminding me how a large scale production (compared to my usual studio shows!) can also create intense experiences twist and turn your guts, surprise you and make you feel out-of-joint from such distance and in such mass company.

Notable mentions:  70/20 split’s work, LPA Theatre’s work, The Noise (Unlimited Theatre), A Real Man’s Guide To Sainthood (Milk Presents), Tristram & Ysault (Kneehigh), The Disappearance of Sadie Jones (Hannah Silva), Money The Game Show (Unlimited Theatre again), The Legend of King Arthur (York Theatre Royal), Kes (Derby Theatre), Going Green The Wong Way (Kristina Wong), Shame (John Berkovitch), Wot? No Fish?! (Danny Braverman), Rumpelstiltskin (Hiccup), Choose Your Own Documentary (Nathan Penlington), The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Tutti Frutti), Blood + Chocolate (The People Of York, Pilot Theatre & Slung Low)

So thanks to everyone who gave me a gig, saw me perform, picked up a zine or generally anyone I had a great conversation with.  I’ve For 2014, I generally want to just keep gigging more, keep writing, keep meeting people and keep surviving.  Simple as that I guess.  Bring it on.

In anger, in solidarity, in love, in Gengar we trust


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