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Upcoming Gigs

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Monday, 17 March 2014



Pay-what-you-decide play-in-a-pub

I’m putting on this wicked show at the Black Swan 4th April 2004 in York.

HANNAH NICKLIN presents a solo theatre/spoken word show about activism, protest and family.

This is a story about them. This is a story about us. This is a story about Hannah’s Dad - a retired policeman - and her, a protestor. It’s about fear, bravery, what it feels like to be kettled, Super Ted, the Lone Ranger, policing the people in front of you and being sent out of class. It's about working out what matters and standing up to protect it.

Mostly, an earnest one person show that also includes the odd joke or two (because all serious things are worth laughing at).

Directed by Alex Kelly (Third Angel)

"Simple, effective and unexpectedly very moving." Andrew Haydon 

"“[…] as topical in these days of police ‘kettling’ and undercover provocateurs as it might be timeless in its questioning of the basis of a functioning civic society.” Wayne Burrows 

“The personal and the political sit side by side in Nicklin’s remarkably compelling performance, a show to stir forgotten memories and spark new debates.” A Younger Theatre

Featuring support from

AL BAKER – Intelligent and relevant folk-punk troubadour writing about love, politics & philosophy, for fans of Bruce Springsteen and Bertrand Russell.www.albaker.co.uk

JAIME BOLZERN - 20-yr old student with an ukelele, a few songs, and a mercurial attitude to the Oxford Comma. Her university course, Medicine, renders her simultaneously pleased to have sick rhymes and filled with a conflicting desire to alleviate their illness.

ABBY COOK – debuting her own unique brand of spoken word/poetry

Compared by York’s own Punk Poet HENRY RABY

Black Swan, doors 7.00pm, first act on 7.30pm, A Conversation With My Father 8.45-9.45pm

"Pay What You Decide” means you will pay AFTER the show.

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