Upcoming gigs

Upcoming Gigs

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Supporting Jollyboat, Knaresborough: 22nd June

Brig-Aid Fundraiser, Fruit, Hull: 23rd June

Slam Dunk, Hastings: 28th June

Word Club, Leeds: 29th June

Verse Matters, Sheffield, 5th July

Say Owt @ Deer Shed Festival, 21st July

Say Owt @ Great Yorkshire Fringe, York: 25th July

Working Title, Lancaster, 26th July

Nerd Punk, Edinburgh fringe @Banshee Labyrinth 19.50 13th August

Poetry Jam, Durham: 4th October

Friday, 7 August 2015

Up The Nerd Punks @ EdFringe 2015

Henry Raby is a punk. He likes pogoing, picketlines patches and protests.

He’s also a nerd who loves comics, critical hits, cartoons and Charmanders.

Join him dissect friendship, growing up, anarchism, feminism & dinosaurs.

Think a wand-wielding Joe Strummer battling a Tory-voting Darth Vader.

With The Avengers smashing the box office and everyone in the world now owning an Adventure Time t-shirt, does that mean geekiness is now mainstream?

Is punk deader than Ned Stark*? Where are the underground scenes redefining punk rock?

How can we destroy the sexism & bigotry of #GamerGate like blowing up a Death Star*?

So grab your cosplay costume and celebrate an underground culture for introverts, outsiders, the nerds and punks.

Henry is a performance poet from York who has toured the UK, performed at Boomtown Fair, Latitude Festival and various front rooms.




“He smashes it every time I see him”- Mark Grist.


*spoiler alert

Free non-ticketed. Money donations towards Game of Thrones merchandise appreciated.

18.15-19.15 Stafford Centre venue 175 103 Broughton Street, EH1 3RZ

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this! Special guests!

Sunday 23rd: AJ MCKENNA: Queer trans woman smashing the patriarchy, one poem at a time

Monday 24th: Stu Freestone - Spoken Word Poet. Effervescently loveable poet. Shortlisted for 'Best Spoken Word Performer' 2015.

Tuesday 25th: ROB AUTON (of The Rob Auton Enthusiasts Club fame): Shambolic man-ragamuffin putting nonsensical words into sensible ears.

Wednesday 26th: Suky Goodfellow & Heckler Hand: Feminist wizard of words. Upbeat and Unicorn-esque.

Thursday 27th: ROSE CONDO: Canadian prairie girl turned slam-winning superstar spoken word.

Friday 28th: Turtle Lamone: Alternative piano pop-punk playing happysad tunes for your delight/tears.

Saturday 29th: SUPER SECRET SPECIAL GUEST. What? How? Who?

Sunday 30th: Dominic Berry's Poetry Stuff: Ever-energetic performance poet leaping around higher than a high-five

18.15-19.15 Stafford Centre venue 175 103 Broughton Street, EH1 3RZ

Free & non-ticketed. Donations towards Game of Thrones merchandise appreciated.

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  1. bjork is a punk moth from wherever, looking to network with other "contemporaries", since kathy acker is dead and even the prospect of meeting her intimidates me anyway. bjork continues to wonder why the fuck she brands herself at all, without questioning the paradoxical relationship one embraces with punk.
    consider. pangaeaic.blogspot.com . and *well wishes*.